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garlic paste making machine line
garlic paste grinding machine
garlic peeling machine
This garlic paste making machine line is used to grind the fresh garlic ginger chili apple tomato into paste or sauce.This is multi-function grinder which is used to grind kinds of vegetables and fruits into paste or sauce.
garlic paste grinding machine
Machine Features Of Industrial Garlic Peeling Machine:
1. Completely automatic dry-peel operation Also can peel scallion.
2. Useful, energy saving compact, high production efficiency, easy to maintaining and cleaning and low malfunction rate.
3. Automatic control and in feed device, easy to operate.
4. Can peel different size of garlic, product meets the health standard.
5. Suitable complete production line or working on single.
6. Without damage, the garlic has long preservation.
7. Production output according varieties from breed, season and nature of garlic. Suitable for small capacity processor or user such as restaurant, Hotel, Super Market...etc.
8.Directly feed into the peeling proceed without drying storage tank to keep warm and dry. User could insolate under then sunlight or keep in the dryer to dry the skin.
9. Be suitable for garlic and small onion.The principles of the machine applying advanced air compressing technique to peel off naturally, which may guarantee the quality
of garlic clove and the highest garlic peeling rate. Due to it is not through machine colliding and squeezing it thus will not cause damage to the garlic.
Technical Data
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