Commercial Garlic Peeling Process Machine Line

garlic peeling machine line
garlic root cutting machine
garlic breaking machine
garlic peeling machine
This garlic peeling process line include the garlic root cutting machine, garlic  breaking machine and garlic peeling machine.And this garlic process machine line can be used for the factory use and small scale plant use.And the machine capacity can be customized according your needs,One of them can also be used alone.

garlic peeling machine line
1.Garlic root cutting machine 
This automatic garlic root cutting machine is suitable for farm and home can  be used  to cut the garlic root and head in one machine, very easy operate and high capacity.The cutting is clean and complete and cutting speed is quick with good effect. energy-saving, high efficiency.
2.Garlic clove breaking machine 

The garlic clove breaking machine has the advantages of no damage to the garlic cloves and high peeling rate. The operation is simple,one person can operatiom. It has the characteristics of practicality, power saving, high production efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, and low failure rate.
 More advantages of the garlic breaking machine:
①.Adopt the specially designed peeling principle. During the peeling process,  it can ensure that the garlic is not damaged, the surface is smooth, and there is no pollution.
②.Practical, power saving, small size, high production efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, and low failure rate
3.Industrial Garlic Peeling Machine 
This garlic peeling machine mainly used for the factory use.And this machine uses a specially designed peeling principle, during the peeling process, garlic completely doesn’t touch the blade ,so we can ensure the garlic without damage, and there is smooth surface, no pollution etc.This machine has the features of fully automatic operation, utility, energy saving, small volume, high production efficiency, easy to clean and repair and low failure rate.

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