Industrial Garlic Clove Peeling Machine Line|Garlic Skin Remove Machine

garlic peeling machine line
garlic peeler machine
industrial garlic peeler
 Full automatic dry type zero damage garlic clove peeling machine line is a new high efficiency dry type peeling machine of our company. Our machine apply advanced technology to peel the garlic and make sure the high garlic peeling rate. The garlic will not be crashed and extruded, so the garlic will not be damaged.
garlic peeling machine line
The flowchart of garlic separating and peeling production includes the following steps:
Garlic--Root Cutting--Grading--elevating--garlic bulb separating--picking--elevating--garlic peeling--Washing--Cooling--Slicing--Dehydrating--Grinding--final product picking--packing 

The Feature Of The Garlic Peeling Machine Line:
1.The specially designed peeling principle is adopted. During the peeling process, the garlic cloves do not go through the blade and hardness friction at all.So it can ensure the integrity, freshness and so on of the processed products.
2.The peeling is automated and consistent operation, and it is practical, energy-saving, small in size, high in production efficiency, maintenance and low failure rate.
3. Equipped with automatic temperature control and automatic feeding device, the garlic and garlic skin are automatically separated, and the product meets the hygienic standard.The peel garlic is not easy to damage, so it can be stored for many days.
4.This machine is suitable for small farmers' markets, hotels, families, canteens and other occasions. 
5.It is suitable for different species and size of garlic and shallot.
6.Easily operation and simple structure.Corrosion resistance,longer service life

Technical Data
Machine Name Dimension Power/Material
Garlic Breaker   Machine   1600*900*1200mm  3kw
304stainless Steel
PickingLine  3500*800*800mm 1.1kw
304stainless Steel and Manual adjust Speed
Chain Peeler  2800*800*1650mm  1.85kw
304stainless Steel
Picking Line   4000*800*800 mm 1.1kw
304stainless Steel and Manual adjust Speed
Air Bubble Washing Machine 4000*1200*1400mm 2.57kw 
304 Stainless Steel
Axial Flow Fan Model Drying Machine 4000*1100*1600mm 2.78kw
304stainless Steel
Sorter 2.1m*0.6m*0.8m 1.5KW
304stainless Steel

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