Gelgoog Dehydrated Garlic Chips Making Machine Line

garlic chips making machine line
garlic chips cutting machine
garlic chips dryer machine
We can design various specifications of dehydrated garlic slice production lines to meet different processing needs . Through garlic peeling pretreatment, the garlic slice dryer produces high-quality dehydrated garlic slices. The dehydrated garlic slices produced can be further processed into garlic powder or food raw and auxiliary materials.
garlic chips making machine line
More Details Of The Garlic Chips Making Machine:
① Garlic Separating Machine is the primary processing equipment of the entire garlic slice drying production line. It can be applied to both fresh garlic and garlic preserved in cold storage. This type of garlic splitting machine is suitable for large garlic slice drying production and processing plants. Use, if you have small-volume split processing needs, we can also customize the equipment.
②Garlic peeling machine: This garlic peeling machine uses a pneumatic cycle peeling process. Due to the complexity of the equipment, The component requirements are strict,However, this peeling technology does not produce a lot of waste of water resources, and it is also the equipment often used by many large garlic chip processing enterprises.
③Garlic slicer machine: The garlic slices processed by the garlic slicer have standard product specifications with uniform thickness and size. This uniform garlic slice can keep the time and effect of the drying process under the same conditions, so the overall The drying effect will also be very high, which meets the processing standards of large-scale enterprises for drying garlic slices.
④Dryer: Mesh belt type garlic slice dryer adopts multi-layer mobile stainless steel mesh belt, the drying process is hygienic and environmentally friendly, automatic temperature control, automatic material spreading, continuous production, high efficiency, and short drying cycle.

If your final product is fried garlic chips,we also can provide the garlic chips frying machine for you:
garlic chips frying machine
Technical Data
Garlic Chips Process Production Line
Garlic Separating Machine Power:6.6kw
Dimension: 4000*1200*1400mm
Elevator Power:0.75kw
Dimension: 1800*800*1600mm
Garlic Peeling Machine Power:4.37kw
Dimension: 3100*900*1500mm
Garlic Picking Belt Power:0.75kw
Dimension: 3000*800*900mm
Garlic Washing Machine Power:3kw/380v
Voltage: 380V50Hz3PH
Dimension: 4000*1000*1300mm
Ginger Slicing Machine Power;1.1kw
Dimension: 690*560*880mm
Garlic Slice Drying Machine Power:300kw
Dimension: 10000*2200*2000mm

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