Spiral Quick Vegetable Meat Freezing Equipment

The quick freezing equipment adopts stainless steel mesh belt drive, and the frozen products are floated into fluidized monomer by strong cold air from bottom to top in fluidized bed. It is also equipped with vibration device to prevent product adhesion. It is especially suitable for quick freezing of vegetables, fruits, rhizomes, lumps, beans, dices, flakes, garlic and other products.
quick freezing equipment

Spiral Quick Freezer Feature:
   1. Compact structure and small floor space, only equivalent to 1/3~1/2 of other quick-freezers with the same output;
   2. High output, multi-layer structure, large storage capacity;
   3. Efficient use of energy, uniform product freezing, and the layout of the wind field can be reasonably designed according to different frozen products;
   4. Easy to use, flexible choice of import and export ports, all sides of the warehouse can be used as import and export ports, but the import and export can only be one high and one low. It is easy to be matched with other equipment to form streamlined production;
   5. It can adapt to a wide range of frozen products: small-packaged foods such as pasta, aquatic products, fried food, meat, cold food, etc.

Technical Data
Model GGIQF-100 GGIQF-200 GGIQF-300 GGIQF-400
Throughput(kg/h) 100 200 300 400
Cold consumption(kw) 20 36 54 72
Installation dimensions                        L×W×H(MM) 5500x3400x2900 5500x3400x2900 6000x4000x3700 8000x3700x3600
Feed temperature(℃) (+15℃)
Discharge temperature(℃) (-18℃)
Freeze time(min) 8~20
Cryogen R507/R404A

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