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artichoke freezing machine
IQF artichoke quick-freezing machine can quickly freeze various fruits and vegetables and some seafood, more efficiently and quickly.
Advantages of IQF artichoke quick-freezing machine:
1. Maintenance of food quality: Compared with products frozen by slow freezing technology, IQF freezing technology can effectively inhibit food cells from being destroyed during the freezing process. Thereby preventing the loss of freshness and nutrients of food. At the same time, the blood volume of the food after thawing will be reduced, and the quality of the food after thawing and before freezing will not be very different.
2. Reduction of food loss: IQF freezing is to freeze food individually.
For example, when processing seafood, you do not freeze various foods such as sliced ​​fish or sea shrimps together. Instead, foods such as sliced ​​fish are individually packaged and frozen.
3. It can reduce labor costs and manufacturing costs
If IQF freezing technology is used, the freezing time will be greatly shortened. As a result, necessary expenses such as labor costs and manufacturing costs will also be reduced.
4. Reduction of logistics costs: IQF is different from water injection freezing technology. There is no need to inject water during freezing, so unnecessary costs can be saved.
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Working principle of the IQF artichoke quick-freezing machine:
1. The quick-freezing device uses a two-stage conveyor belt to transport food. This structure is characterized by freezing the food in two sections, the first section is the surface freezing zone, and the second is the deep freezing zone; after the granular food enters the freezing chamber, it is first cooled rapidly, that is, the surface is cooled to the freezing temperature , But enter the second section, deep freezing under the ideal fluidized bed.
2. The product can be quickly frozen when the evaporation temperature of the refrigeration system is -32°C. At this time, the discharge temperature is -18°C, while similar products from other manufacturers need to evaporate at -40°C to achieve this effect. In this way, the refrigeration system can save energy consumption by about 25%.
3. The speed of the two mesh belts is adjusted separately to adapt to the freezing needs of a variety of foods.
4. Two variable speed belts: freeze all kinds of food under good conditions, the food is not damaged, and the food does not stick.
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