Comercial Use Fruit Vegetable Quick Freezing Cabinet

fruit freezing cabinet
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quick freezing cabinet
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Comercial Use Quick Freezing Cabinet
Fruit Vegetable Quick freezing cabinet is a kind of storage tool used to store all kinds of frozen food. It is mainly used to refrigerate the food quickly, so as to keep the nutrition of the food and keep the taste fresh. The refrigeration system consists of four basic parts: compressor, condenser, throttling part and evaporator.
quick freezing cabinet
More Details Of The 
Quick Freezing Cabinet:
1.The working characteristics of the ultra-low temperature quick-freezer: high freezing efficiency and many kinds of frozen products. Realize continuous single quick freezing of food. 
2.The equipment adopts mechanical air cooling device, high-pressure fan, mesh belt adopts frequency conversion adjustment and time indicator to realize accurate processing. 
3.Adopt continuous cleaning and drying device, clean and hygienic. There are many types of frozen products.
4.Quick Freezing Cabinet is a kind of quick-freezing equipment that freezes a large number of products under minus 25 degrees and a very short time after proper pre-processing of fresh raw materials, and freezes the center temperature of the quick-frozen items to -18° to achieve nutrient content No loss, the appearance does not change, the color is crystal clear. Quick-frozen food completely maintains the original quality of food at low temperature without the use of preservatives or additives, so quick-frozen food has the characteristics of delicious, fresh, convenient, fast, healthy, and hygienic.
Technical Data
Machine Name  Quick Freezing Cabinet
External Dimension Lx WxH(MM) 2350x 1400x 1900
Feed Temperature("C) +15
Discharge Temperature(℃) -18
Freezing Time(min) 40-60
Cryogen R507/R404

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