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durian quick-freezing cold storage price
durian quick-freezing cold storage
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What is a Durian Quick-freezing cold storage
Quick-freezing cold storage refers to a method in which food quickly passes through its largest ice crystal formation zone and freezes quickly when the average temperature reaches -18°C. Food will undergo various changes during the freezing process, such as physical changes (volume, thermal conductivity, specific heat, dry consumption changes, etc.), chemical changes (protein denaturation, color change, etc.), cell tissue changes, and biological and microorganisms Changes and so on. The characteristic of quick-freezing food is to keep the original nutritional value, color and fragrance of the food to the maximum extent. That is to say, during the freezing process, it is necessary to ensure the maximum reversibility of the above-mentioned changes in the food.
durian quick freezing cold storage
Application scope of durian quick-freezing cold storage
Durian Quick-freezing warehouses are mainly used for low-temperature freezing of food, medicines, medicinal materials, and chemical raw materials.
Advanatage of The durian quick-freezing cold storage
(1) Inhibit respiration, reduce the consumption of organic substances, and maintain the excellent flavor and aroma of fruits and vegetables.
(2) Inhibit water evaporation and maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables.
(3) Inhibit the growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, control the occurrence of certain physiological diseases, and reduce the rate of fruit rot.
(4) Inhibit the activity of some post-ripening enzymes, inhibit the production of ethylene, delay post-ripening and senescence process, maintain fruit hardness for a long time, and have a longer shelf life.
Most foods begin to freeze when the temperature drops to -1°C, and most of the ice crystals are formed between -1°C and -5°C. This stage is called the highest ice crystal formation stage. Quick freezing can greatly shorten the freezing time at this stage, and can remove this part of the heat at the fastest speed, which is of great significance for improving the quality of quick-frozen food.

Durian Cold storage features
1.Easy to assemble and disassemble:The durian cold storage panels are all produced by uniform molds and are connected by internal concave-convex grooves. They are convenient for assembly, disassembly and transportation. The installation period is short. Small and medium-sized cold storage can be delivered for use within 2-5 days. The storage body can be freely combined, separated, enlarged or reduced according to user needs. small.
2.Widely applicable:The cold storage temperature is +15℃~+8℃, +8℃~+2℃ and +5℃~-5℃. And it can realize one bank with double temperature or multiple temperature to meet the needs of different users.
Technical Data
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