GG-660 Vegatable Cutting Machine Factory Price

automatic vegetable cutting machine
vegetable cutting machine
multi-function vegetable cutter
This vegetable cutting machine can cut vegetables into various shapes,Widely applicable to various hard and soft roots, stems and leafy vegetables.Reasonable design, superior performance, simple operation and good adaptability
fruit vegetable cutting machine
Feature Of The Vegetable Cutting Machine :
1. Reasonable design and easy operation
2. By changing various blades of the machine, root vegetables (potato, yam, carrot, eggplant, etc.) can be cut into many shapes, such as strips, flakes, cubes, diamonds and waves.
3. This machine is also suitable for chopping dried vegetables (leeks, celery, beanstalk, etc.) and chopping various leafy vegetables (kelp, cabbage, etc.).
4. Adjustable thickness and length
5. Long working hours, durable; high wear-resistant stainless steel of the highest quality; non-corrosive, easy to clean.
multi-function vegetable cutter machine
Application Of The Multi-Function vegetables cutter:
     1. The stalks, stems and leaves of chives, coriander, spinach, leeks, garlic and other stalks, slices, etc.
     2. Cabbage, green and red peppers and other block shapes.
     3. Carrots and other slices, shreds, standard length filaments.
How to use the vegetable cutter:
       Multifunctional vegetable cutting machine can process roots vegetables, stems vegetables, leaves and other vegetables into slices, silk,  cubes, flower slices, etc. The slicing device is used for slicing hard vegetables, and the thickness can be adjusted freely within 1-10 mm;The conveyor belt can be adjusted freely at a distance of 1-20 mm each time. The adjusted amount is the width of the silk segment; it should be noted that when the diameter of the cut vegetable is thick (more than 30 mm), the effect of the slice is good, which is convenient for dicing, and the slice or diced with a small diameter will be messy. The processed surface of the cut vegetables is smooth, regular, and well organized to maintain the effect of manual cutting.
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