French Fries Cutting Machine Price|Vegetable Strip Cutting Machine

french fries cutting machine
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potato fries cutting machine
French Fries Cutting Machine|Vegetable Strips Cutting Machine
Mainly used for cutting potato, carrot, taro, adish, sweet potato, papaya, beetroot, radish and other finger slices,Eggplant, yam, parsnip, etc.The french fries cutting machine is the best choice for French fries making production line,And it is  suitable for French fries industry, fresh produce wholesale, snack food factors, etc.
vegetable strip cutting machine
French fries cutting machine is easy to operate, easy to clean, saves time and labor, reduces labor costs, and the cutting specifications can be customized. This high-speed french fries cutting machine is suitable for fast food restaurants, food processing plants, meal distribution centers, school canteens, and enterprise canteens.
Features of french fries cutting machine
1. This french fries cutting machine is suitable for cutting into vegetable strip,like potato,carrot,yam,cassava,etc.
2. Our machine is of good quality and large capacity. It is used to cut potatoes into thin slices, cut into thin slices, and then cut into strips.
3. It has models with capacity of 300-500kg/h, the thickness of the slicer or chips can be adjusted, and you can automatically cut the required size.
4. Can be customized for slicing, stripping, shredding, functional machine, multi-purpose machine;
5. The surface of the excised finished product is smooth and not broken, and the forming rate is high;
6. Size, thickness can be adjusted, convenient and practical;
7. Made of all stainless steel, durable, not rusted and not polluting the ingredients;
8. High output, labor saving, and colleagues who increase output reduce costs.

potato cutting machine price
Technical Data
Model GG-502
Machine size 650*560*900mm
power 1.5hp
Capacity 600-800kg/h
Weight 125kg
Cutting Size 7-10mm

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