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Ginger Powder Production Line-Automated Process From Raw Materials To Packaging

rqi Apr 25 2024 By Maria Follow Us:
Automated process of the ginger powder production line is an important means to improve production efficiency and product quality.
ginger powder processing machine line
  • Raw material selection and storage: First of all, you need to choose high-quality ginger as raw material. High-quality ginger can be preserved through constant temperature and humidity storage, which is primitive and low-cost.
  • Cleaning and peeling: Raw ginger is thoroughly cleaned through automated cleaning equipment to remove dirt and impurities.
  • Slicing: The cleaned and peeled ginger is sliced through a slicer. The slicer should be able to ensure that the thickness and size of the ginger slices are consistent.
  • Drying: The ginger slices are dehydrated in a dryer to facilitate the subsequent grinding process.
  • Grinding and sieving: The dried ginger slices are ground into powder through a mill and sieved through a sifting machine to ensure the fineness and uniformity of the ginger powder.
  • Quality testing: During the entire production process, quality testing is performed regularly to ensure that products meet standards.
  • Packaging: Finally, the qualified ginger powder is packaged through an automatic packaging machine
The ginger powder production line can achieve high efficiency and high quality production while reducing labor costs and human errors.

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