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Introduce Of The Fruit And Vegetable Processing Line

rqi Sep 09 2022 By Maria Follow Us:
Fruit and vegetable processing line: fruit and vegetable picking-fruit and vegetable cleaning--fruit and vegetable air-drying. After cleaning, the water on the surface can be air-dried for further processing. Do clean vegetable processing and vacuum packaging machine for packaging.
fruit vegetable processing machine line
Fruit and vegetable washing drying line: there are many kinds of vegetables, which are divided into two ways: leafy vegetable cleaning and root vegetable cleaning. The characteristics of leafy vegetables, the characteristics of leafy vegetables, are mainly when cleaning, can not damage vegetables. In order to ensure the integrity of vegetables, bubble cleaning and bubble agitation cleaning methods are used, and the soil on the surface of vegetables can be cleaned by the agitation of bubbles. The cleaning time can be adjusted by adjusting the running speed of the mesh belt.
Introduce Of The Fruit Vegetable Washing Drying Processing Machine Line
1. Cleaning equipment
Cleaning equipment is the core equipment in fresh fruit and vegetable processing. On the basis of ensuring the cleaning effect, our company's cleaning equipment avoids damage to fruits and vegetables as much as possible, so as to effectively improve the quality and appearance of fruits and vegetables after cleaning;
2. Air drying equipment
The air-drying equipment can dry the moisture on the surface of fruits and vegetables. The air-drying equipment of our company has a reverse and reverse air device to prevent dead ends and ensure the air-drying effect.
3. Grading equipment
The cleaned and air-dried equipment is graded and can be applied to the differentiated pricing strategy of the market to increase revenue. Our company's grading equipment is accurate and efficient.
4. Waxing equipment
Waxing equipment is generally used to extend the shelf life of fruits.
5. Packaging equipment
Using packaging equipment to package fruits and vegetables can reduce losses during transportation and facilitate sales.
The advantages of our company's fruit and vegetable processing equipment
1. Mature technology:Our company's fresh fruit and vegetable processing equipment is developed on the basis of the current industry advanced technology and combined with the industry development trend. The use is smooth and the production scale is greatly improved.
2. Excellent material selection:The plates of our company's fresh fruit and vegetable processing equipment meet food standards, and the electronic components are all well-known brands at home and abroad, which are safe, reliable and durable.
3. Perfect service:Complete pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service, so that you can worry about the whole process.