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Feature Of The Commericla Banana Chips Frying Machine

rqi Aug 11 2021 By Maria Follow Us:
Automatic banana chips frying machine for frying: fish, fish nuggets, chicken legs, chicken, chicken wings, chicken wings, pork, beef, beef jerky, shrimp, potato chips, french fries, banana chips, apple chips.

Feature Of The Banana Chips Frying Machine:

1. This equipment adopts advanced oil-water mixed frying technology, which completely changes the structure of traditional frying equipment. Scientifically use the proportion relationship between vegetable oil and animal oil, so that the animal oil leached from the fried meat food naturally sinks into the lower layer of vegetable oil, so that the working oil in the middle and upper layers is always pure; the method of heating from the middle of the oil layer is used to control the temperature of the upper and lower oil layers to effectively relieve The degree of oxidation of frying oil inhibits the increase in acid value, thereby prolonging the service life of frying oil. Unique product technology and scientific product structure save energy for users.
2. This equipment is a continuous fryer. After the food is input from the inlet of the machine body, it will be fried and matured when passing through the hot oil along with the conveyor belt, and then output from the discharge end of the machine body. It is composed of electric heating system, mesh belt conveying system, mesh belt lifting system, oil temperature automatic control system, and automatic filtering system.
3. This equipment heats the oil in the oil tank through the electric heating tube, and the mesh belt automatic conveying system carries the food through the oil tank to complete the food cooking process.
4. The mesh belt conveyor system adopts the split structure of the mesh belt and the lower mesh belt. The mesh belt can be adjusted up and down to adapt to the fried products of different heights. The food is sandwiched between the double-layer mesh belts to ensure that the frying process is thorough and does not float. The upper and lower double-layer mesh belts drag the food through the pot to complete the food cooking process. Users can adjust the conveyor belt speed (frequency conversion speed regulation) according to the time of fried food to meet production needs.
5. The mesh belt lifting system adopts the reducer lifting method, which has good synchronization. The mesh belt lifting is safe, stable, convenient, self-locking, and convenient to maintain, making the cleaning of the oil tank and the mesh belt more convenient.
 6. The oil temperature automatic control system measures the actual temperature of the frying oil in the pot through a temperature sensor and transmits it to the temperature control instrument. After setting the relevant parameters in the temperature control instrument, when the temperature reaches the set temperature, the heating system will stop heating; if the temperature exceeds the preset alarm value, the heating system will be disconnected and an alarm will be issued. (Refer to relevant manual for temperature control instrument parameter setting)
 7. The automatic filtering system adopts an oil-water mixing structure, so that the food residues, excess water, heavy metals, etc. produced during the food frying process will quickly leave the high temperature zone, sink into the low temperature zone, and be drained with water; when the frying oil is too dry , The water layer can supply proper moisture to the fried oil layer, reducing the coking and carbonization of the fried products; effectively reducing the harmful substances in the fried oil, thereby prolonging the oil change interval, and the fuel saving effect is considerable. Food is delicious and colorful, good for health

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