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Cleaning Effect Of The Fruit And Vegetable Washing Machine

rqi Aug 10 2021 By Maria Follow Us:
People often say "the food we eat", whether we believe it or not, in today's situation, we inadvertently consume fruits and vegetables contaminated with various drugs, artificial waxes and a large number of unknowns. It is difficult to digest, but what we really need to know is that the fruits and vegetables we eat today contain more pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, artificial oils and waxing, as well as many harmful pathogens that are caused when transporting and handling edible food.
fruit vegetable washing machine
The fruit and vegetable washing machine is mainly used for the washing of fruits or vegetables, and is an indispensable equipment on the fruit and vegetable juice production line. Fruit washing machines are also widely used in the processing of various fruit products. In order to ensure the quality of fruit products or juices, it is very important to clean the fruit, so it is very important to clean the fruit.
Washing machine introduction

The bubble fruit vegetable cleaning machine is also a surf cleaning machine. The fruit and vegetable bubble cleaning machine consists of a water tank, a blower, a lifter, a blower, a drum, a spray pipe, a hopper, etc. The production capacity of the fruit and vegetable bubble cleaning machine is 5-20 tons per hour.
The working principle of the fruit vegetable washing machine
The blower blows out the air and keeps the water spinning, so the water can flow quickly, washing the surface of the fruit and washing away dirt. The fruit and vegetable bubble cleaner adopts air agitation, which will not destroy the integrity of the fruit. After washing the fruits, send them to the elevator. In order to avoid secondary pollution and obtain more hygienic fruits, the dirt and sand of the cleaning material are sent to the receiving tank at the bottom of the fruit cleaning machine.