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Necessity Of Vacuum Treatment Of Garlic

rqi Feb 07 2024 By Maria Follow Us:
The necessity of vacuuming garlic depends on how you plan to store and use it and your expectations for its freshness and quality. Here are some considerations:
  • Extended shelf life: Vacuuming garlic can extend its shelf life because vacuum sealing reduces the garlic's contact with air, thereby reducing the growth rate of bacteria and mold and extending its freshness.
  • Preserve taste and flavor: Vacuuming garlic can help preserve its taste and flavor. If garlic is exposed to air, it may gradually lose moisture and become dry, and may also lose its strong flavor and aroma.
  • Convenient storage: Vacuumed garlic is easier to store and can be stacked more easily in the refrigerator or freezer without taking up too much space.
  • Prevent the spread of odors: Garlic has a strong odor and can be reduced by vacuum sealing in the refrigerator or freezer.
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