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Introduce About The Chili Hot Sauce Making Equipment

rqi May 13 2022 By Maria Follow Us:
chili is a popular condiment. Chili hot sauce enriches the taste of Chili and increases the shelf life of food. Chili sauce is now widely used by ordinary families, all kinds of food industry and catering industry, driving the market demand, for the industry to provide a broad space for development. 
chili hot sauce machine line
 how to make hot sauce from the main production process, hot sauce production equipment, and so on. 
1. Use a bubble washer machine to remove dirt from the surface of the chillies. 
2. To Dry the surface of a hot pepper with an air Dryer machine; 
3. Mince, using a multi-purpose chopping machine to mince chilies;
 4. Stir-fry, using a mezzanine Pan stir-fry pepper, oil and ingredients; 
5. Filling. 
Capsicum sauce production equipment mainly chili pepper washing machine, chili pepper drying machine, multi-functional cutting machine, laminated pot, filling machine. If you want to improve the degree of automation, can increase the corresponding hoist, belt conveyor and other equipment. 
Gelgoog company continue to upgrade  hot sauce production process, has formed a mature hot sauce production solutions. If you are interested in the hot sauce project, please leave your contact information, our company will provide you with the whole process service.