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Feedback From Of Canadian Customer Brush Washing Peeling Machine

rqi May 12 2022 By Maria Follow Us:
The brush washing peeling machine is the fruit and vegetable cleaning and peeling equipment produced by  gelgoog company. It has the characteristics of novel and compact structure, energy saving and high efficiency, high production efficiency, thorough cleaning and peeling, less damage to fruits and vegetables, and wide application range. This machine is widely used for peeling and cleaning fruits and vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, potatoes, etc. It is especially suitable for cleaning and peeling fruits and vegetables grown in the soil.
The brush section of our brush washing and peeling equipment is replaceable:
√Selecting the wire diameter of the hard brush roller can achieve the purpose of cleaning and peeling the original fruit;
√It is designed according to the requirements, and the wire diameter of the soft brush roller is selected, which can achieve the purpose of cleaning, waxing and polishing the original fruit..
brush type washing peeling machine
Canadian customers bought our company's brush cleaning equipment mainly to clean potatoes and make finished French fries. The customer bought a 2.6m long (6 emery rollers) brush peeling machine, the output can reach 1500kg/h, The machine has been in use for almost 2 years now and the quality is still good. The peeling rate of potatoes can reach 80%. The customer said that the fries obtained with this peeling rate are the best in his opinion
potato washing peeling machine
Our potato washing peeling machine can not only be used for potato processing and production, but also for ginger, yam, cassava processing, and also for seafood cleaning.