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How Does The Fruit Washer And Fruit Grading Machine Work?

rqi Apr 27 2021 By Maria Follow Us:
Before leaving the factory, most fresh fruits go through the two steps of washing and fruit grading. 
1.Bubble type fruit washing machine can clean the skin of the fruit. When some fruits are picked, the skin will inevitably have some stains. At this time, a fruit and vegetable washing machine is needed to wash away the stains on the skin to make the fruit look fresh and clean and attract consumers to buy. 
2.Fruit grading machine can be used to divide fruits into batches, separate good fruits, second fruits, and small fruits, and automatically convey different packaging areas. Different batches of fruit can be packaged and priced separately. 
fruit washing sorting machine
Next let me introduce to you how the fruit washing machine and fruit grading machine work together?
The fruit grading machine is equipped with a cross bar at a certain distance on the upper part of the conveyor belt. The height of the cross bar from the conveyor belt at the beginning is large, and the height of the rear bar from the conveyor belt is gradually reduced. When the conveyor belt carries the fruits forward, the big fruits pass through However, the crossbar falls from the conveyor belt under the action of the rotating disc mounted on the crossbar, and the smaller fruits pass through the first crossbar, but some of them cannot pass through the second crossbar and fall from the conveyor belt, so that the products are dropped. Divided into different levels from big to small. The center of the circular worktable is slightly convex, with a diameter of 2~3m. During the continuous rotation of the table, the fruit will always roll to the fixed annular baffle while rotating with the table. The lower edge of the baffle is installed obliquely relative to the worktable. And it can be adjusted to form different passing gaps and play a role in sorting. In order to help fruits easily pass through this gap, a certain number of brushes are installed near the gap on the rotating worktable. This sorting device is suitable for grading spherical fruits, fruits such as many varieties of apples, tomatoes, etc.

Fruit is a food that people often use. For the dirt on fruits, especially pesticide residues on fruits, it is necessary to clean the fruits. Some businesses or individuals need a fruit washing machine when eating fruits.Generally speaking, when the amount is small, such as family use, and personal use, it is enough to use our hands to rinse, but if the amount of fruit is large, our hands are obviously too late, such as some restaurants or dining halls. In some fruit supermarkets and markets, when the quantity of fruits and vegetables is large, we need to use a fruit washing machine to clean the fruits. Then the fruits of different sizes are sorted by a fruit grading machine, and then packaged in different ways before they are put on the market. Therefore, the fruit washing machine and the fruit grading machine are inseparable.

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