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How To Clean Food Process Machine

rqi Dec 15 2021 By Maria Follow Us:
The importance of mechanical cleaning of food process machine.
 In the food production process, it is very important to clean and disinfect food residues and microorganisms in food production equipment and pipelines. The importance is as follows.
1Food safety.
The effective cleaning of food machinery can remove as much as possible the microorganisms and bacteria produced in the production and eliminate the breeding places of microorganisms, thereby eliminating pollution sources in the food processing stage, reducing food pollution, and ensuring food hygiene and safety.
2.The taste of food.
 In the food production process, the same equipment needs to produce different foods, which leads to the mixing of tastes and raw materials between different foods, which seriously affects the taste of the food. Complete cleaning of food production machinery can ensure the pure taste of food.
3. Equipment operation.
Prevent food machinery corrosion caused by the interaction of food residues and metal parts, reduce mechanical thermal conductivity caused by contaminant coverage, so as to ensure the efficient operation of food production equipment and superior food quality.

The second is the cleaning method of food machinery Manual cleaning.
1.Refers to manual cleaning equipment.
 Its advantages are high cleaning quality, good effect, can save a lot of water and use various cleaning fluids. However, manual cleaning easily damages the surface coating of the machine and consumes excessive manpower and time, which restricts the efficiency of food production to a certain extent. For mechanical equipment that is too large, the cleaning efficiency is too low, and the components of some cleaning fluids have certain damages to human organs, so they are rarely used.
2.Refers to cleaning equipment with cleaning fluid foam. The advantage is that the contact time between the cleaning liquid and the pollutants can be prolonged, and the dissolving effect of the cleaning liquid on the pollutants can be improved, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the overall cleaning effect. The disadvantage is that the removal of highly viscous pollutants is poor, and it cannot have a good cleaning effect on equipment with excessive pollution. Moreover, the use of a machine with low sealing performance can easily cause the cleaning fluid to corrode the machine.
3.Choose food machinery cleaning fluid.
The first thing to pay attention to when choosing a cleaning solution is that it is safe and harmless, and will not cause pollution to food production. Secondly, it must be chemically active. It can effectively strip pollutant particles from the surface and dissolve them in the cleaning solution in a granular form. It will not produce fatty acid salt precipitation and milkstone, and will not corrode mechanical pipelines. The price is low. Department approved for use. Based on these, there are several commonly used food machinery cleaning fluids.