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Process Flow Of Automatic Chili Sauce Production Line

rqi Aug 25 2023 By Maria Follow Us:
Combined with the modern processing technology of chili sauce, the fully automatic chili sauce production line improves the quality and reduces the market price. How is chili sauce processed on a fully automatic production line? Let's take a look at the process flow of the automatic chili sauce production line.
chili sauce making machine line
Process flow of automatic chili sauce production line
  • Manual pretreatment of raw materials (selection, sorting, removal of impurities, etc.) → cleaning → air drying → crushing → refinement → frying → filling → sterilization → standing (stand for a week, check whether the filling and sealing are tight, etc.) → testing ( Foreign object detection, vacuum inspection) → labeling and coding → packing.
  • Fully automatic chili sauce production line equipment
  • Bubble washing machine 
  • The peppers are cleaned by bubbling and spraying to ensure the quality of the chili sauce.
  • Chili drying equipment
  • Vibrating water draining machine and air drying machine, through draining and air drying, the moisture on the surface of peppers is air-dried.
  • Crusher
  • After the pepper is broken, it can be beaten better and the pulp yield can be improved.
  • chili sauce grinding machine
  • A sauce grinder can further refine the chili sauce.
  • Sauce filling machine
  • After the chili sauce is filled, it can ensure food safety, facilitate storage, transportation and sales, and enhance the brand image.
  • Other equipment
  • Pasteurization lines, metal detectors, X-ray foreign body detectors, vacuum detectors, labeling and coding machines, and packing and palletizing machines.
According to the needs of customers, our company can develop and design a fully automatic chili sauce production line solution according to the modern processing technology of water-based and oil-based chili sauce. The overall scheme embodies the advantages of high quality, simple operation, high efficiency and low consumption, and labor saving.