Industrial Use Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine Price

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fruit vegetable washing machine price
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Industrial Use Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine
Industrial bubble fruit vegetable  machine is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, which meets the national food industry standards. It uses bubble tumbling/brushing/spraying technology to clean materials to a large extent. The cleaning operation level is steplessly adjustable. The user can set arbitrarily according to different cleaning contents. The machine has a compact structure and a high degree of automation. It is suitable for enterprises of various processing scales.Application for the leaf vegetable,fruit, rhizomes, meat, aquatic products.With the capacity of :500kg/h,1ton/h,can be customized.

fruit vegetable washing machine price

Working principles Of the Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine 
When the material enters the water tank, under action of high-pressure water flow and  air bubbles, it is fully dispersed, rolled, cleaned and transported. The silt of the material skins will down  to the bottom.You also can add ozone,it will make your vegetable more clean.
Advantage Of The Industrial Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine 
1. This vegetable washing machine is full automatic,save labor, and improve production efficiency.
2. This fruit vegetable washing machine is made of 304 stainless steel , which fully meets the requirements of export food hygiene. 
3.Save energy, save water, and stable and reliable equipment to maintain color. It is an ideal equipment for vegetable, food processing, catering and other industries.
4. With water circulation device, increase the service life of water.
5.Ozone can be added to disinfect your vegetable products.
Industrial bubble type fruit vegetable washing machine is suitable for the cleaning of most fruit vegetables. The whole process is conveyed by a mesh belt, which can well cope with the cleaning and propulsion of sinking and floating materials. The overall 304 stainless steel design, stable operation, convenient cleaning and maintenance , It can effectively improve the cleaning efficiency and save water. It is the best choice for fruit and vegetable cleaning.
Technical Data
Model power(KW) Dimension(MM) weight
Width of mesh belt
GGXQ3000 Bubble:2.2
Mesh belt:0.75
Water pump:1.5
3100*1400*1500 500 800
GGXQ4000 Bubble:4
Mesh belt:1.1
Water pump:1.5
4100*1400*1500 700 800
GGXQ5000 Bubble:5.5
Mesh belt:1.5
Water pump:2.2
5100*1400*1500 900 800
GGXQ6000 Bubble:5.5
Mesh belt:1.5
Water pump:2.2
6100*1400*1500 1000 800
GGXQ7000 Bubble:5.5
Mesh belt:1.5
Water pump:3
7100*1400*1500 1200 800
GGXQ8000 Bubble:5.5
Mesh belt:1.5
Water pump:3
8100*1400*1500 1350 800


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