Industrial Seaweed Washing Drying Production Line

seaweed washing drying machine line
kelp washing dryer machine
seaweed washing drying process line
seaweed process machine line
The seaweed washing drying production line will dry fresh seaweed, which can not only maintain the original taste and deliciousness of seaweed, but also facilitate the storage and consumption of seaweed. seaweed washing and drying are widely used in the drying operations of pineapple, hawthorn, wolfberry, jujube, grapes, peppers, potato chips, sweet potato slices, and carob vegetables, such as Shandong jujube, Xinjiang jujube, etc., and are also widely used in various drying operations. Planting fruits, vegetables, fish and shrimp drying operations
                               Seaweed Drying Oevn Machine Details 
seaweed drying machine price
Features of seaweed dryer machine :
1. High drying strength and fast drying speed;
2. Short drying time and high evaporation intensity;
3. Large processing capacity, high thermal efficiency, and good product quality;
4. Smooth and reliable operation;
5. Simple structure, small area, easy to build and maintain;
6. Low wear, low loss, energy saving;
7. Standardized production, the number of segments can be increased according to the output;
8. The air volume, heating temperature, material residence time and feeding speed can be adjusted to obtain the best drying effect;
9. Flexible equipment configuration, suitable for conveyor belt washing system and material cooling system;
10. Most of the air is recycled, highly energy saving;
11. The unique air distribution device makes the hot air distribution more even and ensures the consistency of product quality;
12. Energy saving, convenient operation, small floor space, labor saving, and labor intensity reduced.
Technical Data
No Equipment
1 Seaweed Washing machine
2 Air-drying machine
3 cutting machine
4 Drying Machine
5 Packaging Machine

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