Commercial Herbal Medicine Washing And Drying Line

herbal washing drying line
herb drying machine price
herbal cleaning machine
herbal washing drying line price
herbal washing and drying machine
The herbal medicine washing and drying line is used for the washing and processing of various herbal medicines. Continuous automatic production can save manpower, improve work efficiency, and make faster profits.
herbal washing drying machine line
Herbal medicine washing and drying line Process introduction
a.herbal washing machine
washing is an important part of the processing of Chinese medicinal materials. The purpose of cleaning is to remove sediment and debris in the medicinal materials. However, cleaning should be classified into water washing and dry cleaning according to different medicinal materials. This scheme is mainly aimed at medicinal materials suitable for water washing.
herbal washing machine price
b. herbal leaves cutting machine
Temperament is mainly based on different medicinal materials and their properties by imitating manual methods such as cutting and planing, and cutting medicinal materials into pieces, segments, silks, blocks and other shapes that meet the standard.
c. herbal medicine drying machine
Drying is a key link in the production line of Chinese medicinal materials, which determines the quality of Chinese medicinal materials.This program adopts the continuous dryer developed for Chinese medicinal materials, a new type of dryer that uses the principle of heat pump, additional air supply system, and heat dissipation system. In this link, in order to ensure the quality of Chinese herbal medicines, it is not advisable to mix and dry many kinds of herbal medicines during drying.
herbal drying machine sale
d. herbal medicine packaging machine 
The dried Chinese medicinal materials are ready-to-eat for sorting and packaging to prevent their resurgence.
Characteristics of Chinese herbal medicine drying line
1. Easy installation: small footprint and low requirements for workshops.
2. Energy saving and environmental protection: There are fewer emissions and pollutants in the production process, which reduces a lot of energy consumption compared to traditional processing methods.
3. Dry evenly with consistent color
4. Wide range of application: It can process the medicinal materials such as Qianfu, Pinellia, Poria, Angelica, Coptidis, Chuan Mingshen, Lily, Aster, Bergamot, Gastrodia, Yam, etc., which can effectively preserve the medicinal properties, quality and color of the medicinal materials, in line with the medicinal materials. processing requirements.
Technical Data
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