Tunnel Type Fruit Vegetable Drying Oven Machine

fruit drying machine
vegetable dryer machine
fruiht vegetable drying machine
tunnel type fruit vegetable drying machine
Tunnel Type Fruit Vegetable Drying Oven Machine 
This fruit vegetable drying oven machine  is a continuous drying equipment, used for drying all fruit ,vegetables and seafoods. And has the advantages of fast drying speed, large evaporation capacity and good product quality. 

fruit drying machine
Advantage of the fruit vegetables drying oven machine 
1.According to different customer requirements, we provide different types of microwave ovens for you to choose .
2.PLC computer control system accurately controls humidity, temperature and drying time, easy operating.
3.It has the characteristics of high efficiency, fully automatic, and low energy consumption.
4.The belt speed can be controlled by the inverter.
5.This fruit vegetables drying oven machine  are widely used in industry, agriculture, chemical industry, medicine, wood ,etc.
6.Heating temperature ,attachment time of the material on the belt and the feeding speed can be adjusted to obtain the best drying effect. 
7.The heating source can be gas or electricity.
Technical Data
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