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Introduction of IQF Freezer

rqi Apr 19 2022 By Maria Follow Us:
What is IQF Technology?
IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) quick-freezing technology is a single quick-freezing technology that can instantly freeze materials at low temperatures and retain the original ecological flavor of materials.
For materials frozen with IQF quick-freezing technology, it is like "frozen face", time stops instantly, and it always maintains its fresh state.
iqf freezer
Why Should Use The IQF Freezer?
Using this rapid cooling technology can also retain the nutrients of the material, inhibit the growth of microorganisms, and be healthier, more hygienic, more conducive to storage, and have a better taste.
Video about the iqf freezer:
How does the IQF freezer work?
IQF quick-freezing machine is a quick-freezing equipment with high freezing efficiency and a wide range of frozen products. It can realize continuous single-unit quick-freezing of frozen products, and has good quick-freezing effect, simple and convenient operation and low energy consumption.
The worker sends the frozen product tray containing the food to be frozen into the quick-freezing track through the quick-freezing inlet and moves to the outlet direction under the action of manpower. Circular low temperature airflow, this low temperature airflow exchanges heat with the frozen food moving horizontally, so as to realize the rapid cooling and freezing process. It is mainly suitable for quick freezing of granular, flake and block food such as vegetables and fruits.